Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let's bring our co-fellow Copier technicians here

This blogs is for Copier Technicians (Office Equipment Technician) / Operators as well, who are dealing on Troubleshooting, Repairing, Connectivity on Digital Copiers.

Merging ideas is good... so let's work as a team. 

Tips from Co-fellow technicians are very much welcome, please do post your comment, post reply, enlighten your co-fellow technician simply by sharing your tips. 

just leave your comment and suggestion. 
or Post the problem you encounter....
@your service.. your co-technician.

We talked about it ... we share about it ... we even chat about it .... we work on it and together we solve the problem. And here we are ... we blog it !
The post messages and opinions of an individual are purely based on their experience in regards to their expertise. The purpose of this blog is to educate us and expand the potential of oneself, Replies may differ from another point of view, and it does not suggest that it is the solution thereon. This blog is not a technical manual/service manual... this blog is simply sharing technicians know-how experiences. 

WELCOME to my blog.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Get Connected tru your Smartphone!

Going out for service... Get connected with Copier Connections. 
This works on any kind of smartphone like Samsung, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia  and many more.

This blog will serve as a Quick Reference Guide.

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(we are constantly updating this blog and the pages as well, re-arranging it so that it will be easier to view on any smartphone).

Please take note, charges may apply by your local service provider on using the mobile internet.

The content of this blogs are compiled notes from technicians (who are expert in their fields) This does not serve as technical manuals or service manuals. 
Post and Replies by individual does not necessarily suggest for a solution to a case problem.  

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sharp AR 235 / 275 Error Codes

Sharp AR 235 Digital Laser Copier Printer

Most Common Error Codes that you may encounter.
Sharp AR 235

Error Codes Sharp AR-235 / 275

Trouble Codes for Sharp Copier Machines.. comes with Main Code and Sub Code
  • E1 00   IMC Board Communication Problem (all other sub codes for E1 is related to this problem
  • E7 02   LSU problem
  • F1 02   Related to Finisher problem; i.e. finisher communication problem, jogger shift trouble, shift motor problem
  • F5  02      Copy lamp or Exposure lamp problem
  • H2  00     Fixing Error i.e. Thermistor is defective
  • H3  00     Fixing Error i.e. Heat roller abnormally temperature
  • H4  00     Fixing Error i.e. Heat roller abnormally low temperature
  • L1  00      Scanner feed trouble
  • L3  00      Scanner Return trouble
  • L4  01      Main Motor lock trouble
  • L6  10      Polygon motor lock trouble

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Canon Copiers Error Codes

Canon IR 2022  is a multifunctional device designed to offer small business and home offices. 
With 22 copies per minute, black and white, laser printer and network ready -- this device is reliable when it comes to demands of print job for small office.

Error Codes for Canon Copiers

  • E000             Fuser Problem, Fuser Film, Failure of thermistor
  • E001             Abnormal temperature in Fuser unit -- temperature is too high
  • E007              Fuser Film Rotation problem. 
  • E010              Driving problem due to failure of Drive Motor, or Gears broken/defective
  • E019-0000     Waste Toner Full Detection
  • E014-0000     Fuser Motor problem
  • E110-0000     Laser Motor Problem
  • E202-0001     Scan problem, Scan home position not in place, scan motor problem
  • E220-0001     Exposure Lamp inverter problem
  • E808-0000     Fixing Drive Circuit Failure
  • and many more....

Canon iR 2022
Feel free to post your technical problem for Canon Copiers.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Preventive Measures to keep your Copier Up and Running.

For Copier owners.
A Copier is the most important equipment in an office.
Once it breakdowns, believe me your day will be a disaster.

Just to let things Easy..... I will simply just outline what measures has to be taken in order for your machine to be on top condition. 

First Rule: 
First thing and foremost... and remember this. Use Only Original Consumables for your Copier Machine. (regardless of what brand you have -- best advise to use Original Consumables for your machine. 

Let us highlight the importance of the First Rule!
  • Using non-original Supplies proves that it will cost you more. The use of non-original or the so called "replacement toner" will definitely diminish the lifetime of the component of your expensive consumables such as Drum, Fusing units. Eventually, you will be replacing it in no time without reaching the lifetime of consumables.
  • Using non-original Supplies will give you a poor copy qualities. Such as light copies or background copies/dirty copies. --- who needs Bad Copy Quality? 
  • Common problem that exist are the result of using Duplicates Consumables. 

Second Rule: 
Know more about your machine.

Third Rule: 
Once a problem occurs, DO NOT OPEN / DISMANTLE / or try to Fix it by yourself. There are some guidelines for operators on what is to be done like resetting and removing Jam papers/Stuck paper and thats all there is. (see your owners guide manual)

REPORT YOUR PROBLEM to your Distributor. (from where you purchase).

An Easy Way to Do First when a Problem occurs? 

Identify What is the Problem. By understanding what is the message in the Panel Display.

Top Common Problem that you will be seeing are the following: 

  • Paper Jam --   The beauty of digital copiers now these days is that, the information of the exact problem when a jam occurs will tell you exactly the location of the paper jam with figures and on some models, an animation guide step by step on what is to be done... so this is EASY. But remember to be very careful in doing so. After removing the Paper Jam.. Re-fix everything and your machine is ready to Go. 
  • Error Codes appears on the Screen of your machine -- Some can be reset by turning OFF/ON. If the problem persist, then that the time you will be reporting your problem to your dealer. And for the summary of the trouble codes, I will be updating this blog. So keep in touch.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Toshiba Copiers Error Messages

Toshiba Copiers Error Messages.
Applicable to the following models
Toshiba E160; E200
Toshiba E16; E20; E25

The Service Call sign which usually  appears as "Wrench" image on the panel board, means the machine has a problem. Identifying the Error codes press "8" and "Clear/Stop" keys simultaneously to read for the Error.

NOTE: All error codes can be reset by turning Off and On of your machine except for the Fixing or Fuser problem codes. 

And these are the details of the Error codes. 
  • C01     Main Motor Problem
  • C04     PFP Main Drive Problem on Tray 3
  • C21     Scan Problem
  • C26     Exposure Lamp
  • C38     Replace Process Unit Error
  • C41     Fixing thermistor/low temperature
  • C43     Fixing temperature problem even after warm up has completed
  • C45     Fixing Thermistor defective

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Kyocera Copiers

For download of printer drivers you can visit the main site

Download here for Kyocera Printer Driver

Kyocera Press Release

January 24, 2012
Kyocera Mita America Multifunctional Products and Printers Named Winter 2012 Pick Winners by Buyers Lab

TASKalfa 7550ci Color MFP, TASKalfa 6550ci Color MFP and TASKalfa 4550ci Color MFP, and FS-C2626MFP/FS-C2526MFP Color Multifunctional Printers Earn BLI Awards for Robustness, Reliability and Excellent Value...........read more